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Picture Gallery

(last updated 01/18/2012 )

NOTE: Some pictures have moved to the Pre-Fab web page.

More can be found from the Products web page.

Yet more can be found at the Saw and Drills web pages.

Here are 3 miscellaneous pictures...the black and white picture is a patent drawing.  The other two show the machine as it was 8 years ago.  Considerable upgrades have taken place since then...

enlargeMagOpen.jpg (19864 bytes) MagClosed.jpg (16910 bytes)

YOWSER!!!, The Hooter Girls use the MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer, too!

hooters.jpg (70617 bytes)


For many more pictures begin with the "How it Works" page.

To download a videoclip or two go to the "Downloads" page.